Welcome to ESIP's Community Ontology Repository, or COR.

This page describes the Community Ontology Repository for ESIP, also known as the COR.

The COR repository has been deployed, with support from the ESIP Federation, by members of the NSF EarthCube's X-DOMES project. The ESIP Federation wanted a simple repository that would let users try out semantic technologies, understand their benefits, and explore possible applications that used semantic resources. So they funded a deployment (this one!) of the MMI project's Ontology Registry and Repository software, meant specifically for use by ESIP and the Earth Science community.

How do I try the COR repository?

Using COR is simple, and it's there for the earth science community to test. Go to the COR web site, register (if you don't have an account), and click the "Add vocabulary" button. You can probably just follow along to enter your vocabulary. If you want more help, you can see a demonstration video, or visit the help pages.

What does it cost? What's the catch?

It doesn't cost anything to use the repository. ESIP will keep it running for the next year, at least until July 2017, while the earth science community performs tests and evaluations. You will have access to the ontologies you create, and can always use them as is or adapt them for deployment elsewhere. The only catch is that for now, ESIP can't guarantee how long this resource will persist beyond July 2017.

Is this open source? Where did it come from?

For more information, you might want to start at these resources:

Authors and Contributors

Many thanks to the following people who helped make this resource available:

Support or Contact

For support with using COR, contact the ESIP Semantic Committee.

To report issues with COR, use the orr-portal project issues page.

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