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Java 1.8+ (OpenJDK 8 or higher)

Docker 18.09.1+ (only for installation via docker)

Quick Install

(Applicable in Linux, Mac, and Windows)

Python Way

If you have Python installed already, please do:

Step 1: Open a Terminal/Prompt and run

pip install pygeoweaver --upgrade

Step 2: After pygeoweaver is installed, please run:

gw start

Step 3: Open browser and enter: http://localhost:8070/Geoweaver/ . That is it.

Java Way

If you don’t have Python only have JDK installed, please follow:

Step 1: Download the latest version of geoweaver.jar and save it in any folder

Step 2: Navigate to the Jar file folder and Run the command:

java -jar geoweaver.jar

Step 3: Open browser and enter: http://localhost:8070/Geoweaver/ .That’s it!

Build from source

Use maven to build. In the command line, go to the root folder and execute mvn install. After a successful build, the Geoweaver jar package will be under the directory: Geoweaver/target/Geoweaver-<version>.jar.

Install using Docker

Step 1: Install Docker Desktop if you haven’t (please refer to Get Docker to download).

Step 2: Pull geoweaver image using command:

docker pull geoweaver/geoweaver

for other versions, visit docker hub

Step 3: Run geoweaver using command:

docker run -t -i -v <YOUR_HOME_DIRECTORY>:/home/marsvegan/ -p 8070:8070 -e PASSWORD="YOUR_PASSWORD" geoweaver/geoweaver

What is going on? : -v <YOUR_HOME_DIRECTORY>:/home/marsvegan/ is for mounting your current home directory into the docker containers. marsvegan is the user name within geoweaver containers. -p 8070:8070 maps the port so you can access Geoweaver from your browser. -e is for specifying environment variable PASSWORD. geoweaver/geoweaver is the published docker image url in DockerHub.

Tip: You can create an alias, so next time, you won’t copy and paste such a long command:

alias geoweaver="docker run -t -i -v <YOUR_HOME_DIRECTORY>:/home/marsvegan/ -p 8070:8070 geoweaver/geoweaver"

Then start it by simply typing: geoweaver

Step 4: Open web browser and input http://localhost:8070/Geoweaver. Geoweaver should show up in a sec. That is it!

Reset Password for Localhost

Geoweaver will automatically create a password for localhost. It will only show once at the first run of Geoweaver. It is recommended to copy and save it in a safe place. If you forget or miss that password, please run the following command to reset it:

java -jar geoweaver.jar resetpassword

If you used Docker, use the following command:

docker run -t -i -v <YOUR_HOME_DIRECTORY>:/home/marsvegan/ -p 8070:8070 jensensun/geoweaver resetpassword

Set up HTTP Proxy

Click here to set up