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Geoweaver is an in-browser software allowing users to easily compose and execute full-stack data processing workflows via taking advantage of online spatial data facilities, high-performance computation platforms, and open-source deep learning libraries. It provides all-in-one capacity covering server management, code repository, workflow orchestration software, and history recorder.

It can be run from both local and remote (distributed) machines.

GeoWeaver is a community effort. Any contribution is welcome and greatly appreciated!

Software Goals

Only two things basically:

  1. Make it time affordable for less-coder scientists (who know nothing about WfMS) to manage their data processing workflows

  2. Preserve all the model run history and share them along with the code files




A live demo site is available.


If you found Geoweaver helpful in your research, please cite:

Sun, Z. et al., “Geoweaver: Advanced cyberinfrastructure for managing hybrid geoscientific AI workflows.” ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 9, no. 2 (2020): 119.


This project is impossible without the support of several fantastic open source libraries.

d3.js - BSD 3-Clause

graph-creator - MIT License

bootstrap - MIT License

CodeMirror - MIT License

JQuery Terminal - MIT License