ESIP Software Assessment Guidelines

Welcome to ESIP's draft research code/software assessment guidelines.

This site and associated repository contains the guidelines document and other related documents. This version of the guidelines is under review as Version 1 with no plans for revisions through July 2017. For any planned revisions, please see the LaTeX version provided below.


Thank you to all who participated in the draft process throughout 2016.

Comments and suggestions are still welcome (though perhaps not acted upon at this time); however, we do ask that you consider the following before commenting:

  • This is not intended to be an academic paper. We are focusing on developing guidelines that are accessible to principle investigators as the stakeholder group serving as intermediaries between funding agency requirements and project participants. As such, we are intentionally providing current examples and current terminology in the guidance. Removing that terminology can obscure the concept that hinders readers from searching for and finding relevant information. It is our opinion that this does not serve any of the stakeholders well.
  • The guidelines are programming language-agnostic. We will not consider feedback that promotes one language (or one language community's philosophy) over any or all others.
  • If suggesting a new guideline, consider those that are inspectable to an external party. We are aware of the limitations of this statement and will consider suggestions that support good, but uninspectable, development practices, with explanation.

To comment, please use one of the following options, in order of preference:

  1. Comment directly on this page using the annotation system (you will need to make an account to view or add annotations).
  2. Create an issue in GitHub.